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Usually there are hundreds of jackpots in the hundreds of available online casinos to operate, mainly because such prizes will tempt players to play more, without much effort or investment you can win a prize that often amounts to millions of euros. Playing on a progressive casino jackpot is like playing a roulette, or any time you can exit the prize, even if it is the first time you play the casino game, so it's always worth trying, even for all the emotion that will leave you feeling as if subject to increase your bank account with a exponentially.

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Like everything in life is present, the online casino also have a black side and a little more complicated that it is not always easy to handle, even leading many people to a very complicated situation, we are talking about gambling addiction. Scientific studies done mainly to people who have been addicted to the game show that the brain mechanisms that lead to this addiction are the same that encourage drug users to consume compulsively, causing them to be completely dependent on these substances, as well as the player the game itself.

The addiction itself is a compelling need and almost uncontrollable urge to relive the moment several times a day, or in the case of online casinos, the addict would even spend the most hours of the day clinging to your computer to play without being able to compulsively control their will and thus stop playing. What can be a healthy experience at the beginning, it can even become a super negative experience leads many people to lose money, friends and even family due to addiction that ultimately can not overcome.

There are some specific questions that must be made to see their state of addiction, such as "ever missed an appointment due to a game?", "After losing a game feels the need to return the game to recover the money losses? "," I had to sell something to pay his gambling debts? "," When the game did not go well, have difficulty sleeping". These are just some examples of questions that should be considered, especially if the answer to these is yes, this may be entering a highly addictive routine that you can ruin your whole life.