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Usually there are hundreds of jackpots in the hundreds of available online casinos to operate, mainly because such prizes will tempt players to play more, without much effort or investment you can win a prize that often amounts to millions of euros. Playing on a progressive casino jackpot is like playing a roulette, or any time you can exit the prize, even if it is the first time you play the casino game, so it's always worth trying, even for all the emotion that will leave you feeling as if subject to increase your bank account with a exponentially.

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  Most common systems in the game of roulette

Systems to play roulette

First we should note that roulette must be played responsibly and never forget that we play mostly for fun here. There are many websites that claim that roulette is a quick way to make money. Always keep in mind that no one can guarantee that you always win at roulette.

The first requirement, absolutely indispensable, is well acquainted with the rules of the game of roulette. This is the first step to avoid mistakes and improve our bets. Additionally, you can see our previous articles on probability.

Once familiar with the rules and the likelihood of this game, we will give a brief overview of the most common systems commonly used in roulette. In later articles delve on each of them.

The Fibonacci - This system is applied progression and is safer than the Martingale. The Fibonacci betting system consists of the following numerical progression: 1 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 5 - 8 - 13 to 21 - 34 - 55 to 89 - 233 - 275. Each number represents one betting unit (e.g. chips). Each time you lose, you have to go and bet the next number in this sequence. If you win, back off two numbers in the sequence. Thus, when you lose, you raise your bet to recoup that loss because, in principle, after losing increase your chances of winning. By the same reasoning, you decrease your bet when you win because you're more likely to lose.

The Martingale - is probably the best known strategy for roulette. In the short term can be effective, but a rough patch can kill all our profits and force us to start from scratch. The Martingale is basically making a bet and fold it in case you forgot. If, however, we win, then it starts the betting at the initial level.